Growing moss under trees

Asked June 20, 2017, 7:51 AM EDT

Hi. I want to extend the moss growing under my trees. I have been told there is a way to combine it with water ? In a sprayer and spray under trees. I basically want to make the area more walkable and not filled with underbrush, I leave a lot to natural area at the back of the woods.

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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There is a method (moss milkshake) that you are probably referring to in which moss is put in a blender with equal parts water and buttermilk. This slurry is then poured/painted on the area where you want moss. Obviously, this is not as nature intended, however success has been reported.

Less dramatic is to simply find an extra patch of moss, or a large one that can donate some extra, and break it into small pieces that are then planted. Planting can consist of roughing up the soil for good soil-to-moss contact, and pressing the moss pieces down firmly in place. Water. Supplement watering for up to 2 years during droughty periods.

Keep in mind that there are many species of moss, and each is somewhat adapted to particular habitats. Transplant moss from shade into other shady spots, for instance.