Asked June 19, 2017, 10:57 AM EDT

My rosess have trouble with fungus, spider and insecticides, i've tried mixed of water and joy(dish detergent) and i get not success, i need help and i prefer non-toxic ingredients

Multnomah County Oregon

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Gardening tips articles offer advice about roses, including choosing resistant varieties and using less toxic methods to control problems. Here is a search for articles featuring roses:
"How to control rose diseases the less toxic way"
And "Easy ways to fight the 'big four' foes of roses"
It is also important to know exactly what issues you are dealing with before starting any treatments. For instance, washing aphids from new growth every few days usually is enough for the plant to grow and produce nice flowers. Some types of roses always get black spots on the leaves in our area, but people grow them even without pretty leaves because the flowers are a favorite.
Where the roses are growing has an effect on the pests and disease as well: weed, mulch, appropriately watering the plants and understanding the beneficial insects in your garden will help you.
The local Master Gardener Volunteers offer clinic hours and are often represented at area farmers markets. They can offer advice based on a stem or leaves if you are unsure of the problems you face. Contact them for hours/availability. Here is the METRO Master Gardeners contact page: