Need help in identifying this lawn weed in Olney, Md.

Asked June 19, 2017, 10:05 AM EDT

What kind of weed is this this? Live in Olney, Md. and this lawn weed crops up every year. I grows low to the ground in in large clusters. Just below grass, so the mower won't touch it. Thank you for any help!

Montgomery County Maryland plant identification weed

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Does it smell like anything when you crush the leaf?
It resembles a mint, but the stems growing off the running root would be square. We can't tell if that is the case here.


Sorry, did not conduct a "smell" test, but I can. What should I be looking for and what "particular smell" will identify the plant (weed)? Thank you for your effort. -John Ames

Mint, spearmint, lemon, something like that.