Heritage birch clump- browning of leaf edges

Asked June 18, 2017, 9:54 PM EDT

Heritage Birch clump -browning of leaf edges We planted this tree last fall came back beautifully with lots of buds about 11feet tall. However it appears about 50% of the leaves edges turn brown as soon as they bud out. Is there anything I can do to ensure this doesn't happen or to help this tree be as healthy as possible i water it couple times a week as it has been very dry and hot up here. We also planted a sugar maple tree same time that tree is doing great.

Cass County Minnesota

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Brown edges often indicate scorch--evidence that water transport to the leaves is insufficient. Poor root development could account for this even if soil moisture is adequate. The general term for this occurrence is transplant shock. The following bulletin discusses transplant shock in detail.

The tree's condition might or might not improve. Watchful waiting is warranted.