Livestock Guardian Dog

Asked June 18, 2017, 6:12 PM EDT

How to train/correct Livestock Guardian Dog at 5 months old especially correct bad behavior? Being first time Livestock Guardian Dog owner we need help to know what is good or bad behavior.

Spartanburg County South Carolina

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This is something that I do not believe can be answered here. There are so many factors that go into livestock guardian dog training. The puppy has to bond to livestock and kept with the livestock, not brought into the house and treated as a companion animal for humans. Guarding livestock is instinctive of those respective guardian dog breeds, and the protecting instinct requires time. Each breed seems to require different amounts of time to be successful.

There are books, articles and YouTube videos and blogs that can give you insight into training, and what behaviors are acceptable and what are not. I would suggest searching and reading several of those, as well as trying to find someone near where you live with guardian dog experience to help.