Sad Crepe Myrtles

Asked June 18, 2017, 12:16 PM EDT

We planted two crepe myrtles 2 years ago. There is something terribly wrong with both now. A picture is attached. We do not know what to do because we do not know what is wrong. We have had this same problem with other bushes, such as Manhattan euonymous. We have lived in this house for 4 years. We have a very sunny lot with no old big trees. We have fertilized, and used neem oil. We have never had this problem in other gardens in other homes. Our grass is also turning brown even though we mow it at recommended heights and do not over fertilize or over weed control. It is very frustrating!!! We live in the Perry Hall/White Marsh area of Baltimore County.

Baltimore County Maryland

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We viewed your photo. Looks like you may be dealing with powdery mildew, a fungal disease.
Do not overfertilize or spray unless you know what you are spraying for.

This fungal disease is usually not lethal to crape myrtles but is certainly not attractive. Control begins by selecting powdery mildew resistant varieties.
Place susceptible plants where there is adequate sunlight and good air circulation to reduce humidity levels. Allow proper plant spacing for the same reasons. Pruning for better air circulation also may help.
If severe, you can spray as soon as you notice the mildew. Check the label registration on fungicides for control information and timing. Fungicide treatments can help to protect new or un-infected foliage they are not curatives.
It is up to you if you want to spray.
Look at the list from the National Arboretum for more information on resistant varieties
and Clemson

You can submit photos of the spots in your lawn so we can see what you may be dealing with. We do not know how your turf has been managed and what type of grass you have. Some reasons for the brown spots may be planting the wrong turfgrass species, poor soils, possible dog urine injury, fertilizer injury, close mowing, etc. Take a look at our website for brown spots on lawns