Green giants yellowing

Asked June 18, 2017, 10:44 AM EDT

Hello, We have two rows of green giants planted on our backyard. In one of the rows most trees seem to do well while two of them do not - see the image #1. The shape of these two trees seems to be wrong, and they have a lot of completely yellow branches. I took a close picture of one of them - see the image #2. We also noticed that some of the seemingly healthy trees developed the same yellowish-brown branches - see the image #3. It appears to get worse with time. Do you have any advice you can share about what can be wrong with the trees and how we can treat this? Thank you,

Montgomery County Maryland trees thuja green giant yellowing branches

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We viewed your photos. Overall, the trees do not look bad. They are trying to establish themselves. Each tree has their own root system and growth may not be exactly the same for each plant.
Planting techniques, site conditions, and post planting care may also vary. (watering and drainage).

At this point, make sure the trees are not planted too deeply, mulch should be no thicker than several inches and keep away from the base of the trunk.

Watering - Check soil moisture of newly planted trees and shrubs at least once a week all the way up until the ground freezes. Soil that is moist or damp to the touch is fine. If the soil begins to dry out, water the plant thoroughly. You may need to probe with a screwdriver to check. Do not overwater; however, you can easily drown newly planted trees and shrubs through too much tender loving care with the hose.

See our website for planting and post planting care