Nancy Taylor suggested I use this site rather than the plant ID lab. She...

Asked June 16, 2017, 11:39 AM EDT

Nancy Taylor suggested I use this site rather than the plant ID lab. She mentioned that plant ID has been de-emphasized due to lack of personnel. Anyway, I have a shrub living in a wooded area not on our property. I do not believe that this shrub has been deliberately planted. It is roughly 12'X10' and has small extremely fragrant flowers born on the apex. Rather than try to describe its leaves, branches, and flowers, I will send images. Flowers are creamy-white, five or six petals, about 3/8" in diameter. Honeybees are foraging this plant vigorously. I myself am a Master Gardener intern in my county, and no one in the Extension Office seems to know what this thing is, including other MGVs and our Extension Educator, Ashley Kulhanek. Would Kathy Smith know?

Medina County Ohio

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Great question. Funny too because you are making me really stretch my research brain cells since we are in the same county.

I went on a search for the answer to your question and was knee deep in possibilities when I received an email from Denise Johnson. Paul Snyder identified the plant as: Ilex verticillate, Winterberry. Being a well trained MGV I researched this answer before forwarding the information on to you. I would have to agree that the picture you sent seems to be this plant. Below are a couple of websites for more information.