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Asked June 15, 2017, 5:08 PM EDT

I have 3 trees in my yard which each have some issues. I would like to have someone take a look at them and give some recommendations, and possibly do some pruning for me so I can keep them as healthy as possible. Are you aware of anyone I could hire who does tree consulting and service in the Fargo area?

I have a nice Black Ash in the front yard which appears pretty healthy, but has many branches under the main canopy which appear to have died off (no leaves). It is not obvious. When you look at the tree from down the block, it looks nice and full, but if you look up underneath, you can see that there are not a lot of leaves inside the "shell" of leaves around the top and sides of the tree canopy. Not sure if this is a pruning issue, or if it's indicating a problem for my tree. I have probably not done a good job of keeping the tree pruned and it has many large branches starting at about 5 feet off the ground (but it is very nice looking). 18 year old tree, with about a 12 inch diameter trunk.

In the back I have a Silver Maple which is healthy but probably needs pruning, and would need some special equipment. Same age and approximate size tree.

Finally, I have a smallish Autumn Blaze Maple which survived, despite the top half dying a few years ago. It seems healthy, and has established a new primary trunk on the top half. However, the leaves are now yellow all summer (previously they were nice and green like the Silver Maple and then turned red in the fall)... interesting. So, I'm wondering if I should do anything to keep it healthy following the trauma it experienced. This tree is younger... maybe 10 years old with a 6 inch diameter trunk.

Thank you for any information and/or referral information.

Cass County North Dakota

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Good morning,

I'll try to address the tree health issues first, then discuss the tree care services.

Regarding the black ash, there has been some dieback and late budbreak with that species this year. Apparently it was a rough winter for them. Regarding the Autumn Blaze maple, it's likely suffering from a malady called iron chlorosis, a very common problem with that variety. Iron chlorosis is notoriously difficult to treat effectively. There are several products available at local garden centers; those products have each shown mixed results.

While I can't give a recommendation on a specific tree service, I will suggest going with someone who has earned the ISA Certified Arborist credential: The credential shows that those individuals have worked to attain the latest knowledge and information in the tree care industry. The credential also requires continuing education, so those who have earned it must constantly strive to stay at the top, within the industry.

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