High location Grape vine arbor

Asked June 15, 2017, 3:40 PM EDT

We have a deck approximately 10' high from the ground level. On our north side we have a vine arbor approximately 12' X 12' that covers our table area (see picture). We had a smaller arbor to the south side that had to be removed due to lumber rot. The entire frame was removed and rebuilt and is ready for another climbing vine. While we were in Israel and Greece we saw grape arbors that were quite high as our ordinary vine. Is there a grape vine you can recommend that can be trained to go up approximately 16' to the new arbor frame work. The grape arbors we saw in the Mediterainian were in homes where the vine had been trained to go up two stories and then grow outward on strong horizontal trellis frame where they formed a dense cover porch area similar to the vine work we have on the north side. The difference of course was theirs had hanging grapes. These vines provided shade as well as a grape harvest. If there is a similar grape vine, I'd like to plant it and have a similar grape arbor.

New Castle County Delaware

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Any grape vine hardy here can grow up your arbor. The trick is that you will have to train it initially and prune it annually. Fine Gardening Magazine explained this procedure in some detail: http://www.finegardening.com/training-grapevines-arbor-0. It is a beautiful thing to sit under a grape arbor full of grapes. Good luck with your project!