What kind of spider is this??

Asked June 14, 2017, 11:34 PM EDT

Please identify this spider that I found scurrying across my kitchen floor.


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This one is probably best identified by a specialist in Mississippi; I'm in southern New Mexico---far, far from you and likely much drier and hotter than Mississippi.

Since you can get on-line, I suggest typing this into your browser:

'Mississippi State University Entomology'

Then find a list of their faculty and contact Dr. Richard Brown---


That should work. Good luck. I think it's highly unlikely to be important to the health of you, your family or pets. The widow spiders would be #1 concern, possibly recluse spiders #2.i

We found a Black Widow spider in our grapes the day before I found this little guy on the floor. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't the Widow's little cousin tagging along for the ride! Since it was too small for me to flip over and check for an hour glass, I am trying to go by the markings on its back. As long as it's not a Widow, I can probably assume it's just a random house type spider.

Your little spider doesn't appear to be related to the widows. Outdoors, the widows are doing a good job of feeding on assorted insects that could be problems for crops or landscape plants; they and other spiders are 'unsung heroes' in many circumstances. It's just that the big widows have a venom that's toxic to humans if they are unfortunate enough to be bitten.

In general, little spiders---you set the definition for little---are too small to bite or have mouthparts to weak to penetrate our tough old hides. Even if they do bite, the reaction is most likely comparable to that of a mosquito.

Good housekeeping (yuck, huh?) on a regular basis takes care of most spider problems in a house. They can't thrive with all of that disturbance that likely also kills potential prey. Also, spiders have surprisingly delicate bodies---can't stand the rough and tumble of house cleaning.

I hope this helps.....keep observing, that's a good way to learn what's what and who's who.