Orchard grass hay with choke

Asked June 14, 2017, 4:05 PM EDT

I have a field of orchard grass hay that is about 8 years old , i now have found out that i have choke in it and not rust . Two questions , if i replant it with orchard grass nest year what can i do to make sure i don't get choke in it next time ? Second question is this orchard grass hay with choke harmful to a horse as hay ? Thank you Tony

Washington County Oregon

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this is information contained in EM 9156, Endophyte toxins in Grass and other Feed sources

Epichloƫ typhina, an endophyte known to infect orchardgrass, causes choke disease (Figure 4). The
emerging inflorescence is overcome, or choked, by the proliferation of fungal hyphae. Because
choked stems are
unable to produce seeds, yield is reduced. This endophyte is not known to cause livestock toxicity.
Rather than being seed transmitted, this endophyte reproduces sexually. There is no known host
resistance, and fungicide treatments
have not been effective.