Eastern Redbud Leaves

Asked June 14, 2017, 3:56 PM EDT

Greetings, I have a question regarding the health of an Eastern Redbud which I planted in the fall. It leafed out this spring without issue, but the leaves have subsequently become oddly stiff. They are even curling upward slightly. In addition, it has developed brown spots. I am hoping that it isn't a case of verticillium wilt, which I understand can effect Redbuds, and is often fatal. Anyway, I'd appreciate any guidance you could offer me. I have attached a photo. You may note, the leaves are also being eaten by some insect. I'm guessing it is slugs, which we have in abundance, and I have just put down some Sluggo, which will hopefully address that problem. Thank you so much for your help. Cheers,

Baltimore Maryland

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We viewed your photo. The spots on the leaves looks like anthracnose, a fungal disease. This can be a factor in wet spring weather and does not kill the tree. No chemical treatment is recommended.

Transplant issues, drought, environmental issues, poor planting techniques make the tree susceptible to disease and insect issues. We do not notice insect damage and no control is recommended unless the pest is identified and you know what you are spraying for. Slugs are not an issue on redbuds.

In general redbuds are understory trees and grow best in morning sun and afternoon shade. All you can do is make sure the tree is well watered during dry periods, make sure mulch is no thicker than several inches and away from the base of the trunk, and the tree is not planted too deeply. http://extension.umd.edu/sites/default/files/_images/programs/hgic/Publications/HG86%20Common%20Abio...