Can this pine/spruce be saved?

Asked June 14, 2017, 3:42 PM EDT

The attached photos show our 25 year old Spruce (I think) tree. For 2 consecutive years, starting about 4 years ago in 2013, we had it sprayed for mites, which were supposedly causing branches to brown. Since 2015, it has gotten worse/browner, and now it shows strong evidence of dying, or so it appears. We've already spent more than $200 to get it sprayed, so we don't want to waste money if it can't be saved. Can you please give us your expert opinion on whether or not this tree could recover with help of an arborist? It seems to us it is getting close to needing removal. PS: The photo titled "Pine 2" shows detail of the tree from the ground looking up into the interior of the tree. Thanks for your help!

Anoka County Minnesota

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Your tree is a spruce. It may have Rhizosphaera Needle Cast. The symptoms seem to match as does the species of tree. However, a large tree is valuable. You may wish to have a certified arborist make an on-site visit for a diagnosis. You can find one by visiting this web page and clicking on Find An Arborist: