Help my pine tree is curly?

Asked June 14, 2017, 9:42 AM EDT

The new growth on my pine tree are bent and curly. It's cute but worries me. I have included a photo. Wondering what you think and what I should do. Thank you in advAnce. Thanks for being there for me to ask a question! Kirsten I am in Mahtomedi in Washington county.


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I believe your tree is a fir, not a pine. Pine tree needles come in clusters; fir trees have individual needles along branches. Another species, spruce, also have individual needles along branches, but spruce needles are squarish and sharp, while fir needles are flat and soft. Yours look flat.

The new growth on your tree looks normal to me. The bends might be caused by breaking bud unevenly. In any case, look for aphids or galls, which can cause needle distortion:

Hi Dennis - First thanks for your response. I really appreciate it. As a follow up it is now the middle of july and my fir tree is looking sad. I have posted a few photos. It is more yellow than the others which we planted by me at the same time. All 4 firs that I did plant have tips of their branches that have become brown and tip downward but the tree with the curly ends this spring isn't looking very healthy and I am so sad. Is there anything I can do or shall I get an arborist to my house and if so who...any suggestions. I love these fir trees and don't want them to die. Thanks in advance. Thank you Kirsten Skoglund Mahtomedi, MN Image 1683 is my sick tree and the other two are planted about 30 feet away from the sick tree. I hope you have a fix suggestion. Thanks again.

I think a certified arborist is an excellent idea. You need an expert onsite:

Thanks for your reply.