Sedum What spray controls yellowsedum? Or ia there a better way to control it?

Asked June 13, 2017, 9:45 PM EDT

yellow sedum control

Grand Traverse County Michigan

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Sedum in lawns is a very difficult problem to handle with herbicide sprays. It has a thick waxy surface that repels water-- sprays bead up and roll off. The only effective way to manage it without tilling up a yard and starting over is to promote strong grass growth that will actually out compete the sedum. Sedum thrives under these conditions: closely mowed grass, low fertility soils, and dry soils. The single most productive thing you can do is to mow the grass at a very tall level-- 4-5 inches hight or more if possible. Tall grass will be healthier itself, and it actually competes with the sedum for sunlight and nutrition. This is not a rapid process, but it is the single most important step in sedum control. Increasing the soil fertility and occasional watering are the other important steps to take.