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Asked June 13, 2017, 6:32 PM EDT

Breezy Point, MN. I noticed about a week ago that In the center of our two Black from Tula tomato plants (where the new growth comes from) the leaves all curled up and look dry, but not brown. I don't see any mites or bugs. Could it have happened because of our hot weather last week? Could it be from overhead watering? Is this common? And will it affect the growth of the plant? On one of the plants a couple of the outer leaves are slightly curled, but the majority are not.

Crow Wing County Minnesota

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Most likely this is physiologic leaf roll:

If that is the problem, it is harmless and won't affect the tomato's yield.

Overhead watering is a different matter, and is directly related to tomato blight diseases such as septoria leaf spot and early blight. Heirlooms are particularly at risk. I urge you to avoid this practice: