Hornets in bluebird nesting box

Asked June 13, 2017, 2:21 PM EDT

We wondered why there were no bluebirds in our nesting box and discovered the hard way, when we went to look inside, that hornets (or maybe wasps) have begun to nest there. What are our options? If we let them be will we be able to remove their nests in the winter and hope for the best next year with regard to bluebirds, or do we zap it with hornet spray this evening? Presumably, if we zap it with killer we will need to remove the nest box and get a new one for the blue birds, yes? Because one of us is allergic to such stings, although we don't like to have to kill these insects, normally we have to kill off things like yellow jacket nests in order to avoid serious consequences for ourselves. Advice?

Prince George's County Maryland hornets bluebirds nesting box

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We recommend leaving the wasp/hornet nest alone. Remove after the first several hard freezes when all of the workers are gone. Clean out the box.
Do not use a pesticide as that can get into the wood.