transplanting an incense cedar

Asked June 13, 2017, 11:57 AM EDT

Hi, We'd like to remove an incense cedar that is in our front garden and may get too big for the spot it's in. What is the best time of year to do that, and how can we protect it during the move to its new home? Thank you!

Benton County Oregon

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Sounds like you are undertaking a big project! To answer your question, I would like to know more about your tree. How long has it been in the current location? What is its current size? How long do you intend for it to be out of the ground? How will you transport it, lift it? Is it possible that there are irrigation pipes, water pipes, gas or electric lines, sewer lines or septic lines near, or under the tree’s root system? I would like to help you with this project, I need this information to do so. Here are a couple of link to sites that discusses tree transplanting.