Tree roots damage

Asked June 13, 2017, 11:48 AM EDT

I have a 25 yr old Locust. I want to sink a 24" wide by 18" deep water fountain basin about 4' from the tree. I would have to sever a root or two, 1"-1.5" diameter. Would that harm or endanger this tree at all? Thanks,

Hennepin County Minnesota

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It is always best not to disturb tree roots. Having said that the item doesn't seem that big in comparison to the size of a 25 year old tree. I would make sure that the rest of the tree roots around the tree are not hindered in getting water and oxygen. Keep in mind that the roots of the tree actually extend beyond the drip line of the tree. This can be as much as 20 to 50 feet for a mature Black Locust and 50 to 75 feet for a mature Honeylocust. If you project the roots that will be cut in a wedge from four feet out, it amounts to a lot of roots that will no longer provide the tree with water and support.

I hope this helps.