Common cattails

Asked June 13, 2017, 11:46 AM EDT

I think we have common cattails in our small pond. They are taking over pond, and I want to know if they are invasive (which they are to us) or endangered. Are any cattails on endangered list?

Wayne County Pennsylvania

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Hi -
No cattails are not on any endangered list, there is a native cattail (Typha latifolia, broad leaf) a non-native (T. angustifolia, narrow leaf). the two hybridize. they are not invasive, just an aggressive plant. control them by "drowning". cut them off 6 inches below the water line. I would recommend taking the cuttings and composting them well away from the little pond. The pond looks like it is nutrient rich and has a lot of plants in it. you may want to leave some cattails near the inlet, since they are good at intercepting nutrients and pollutants. is our pond management website. We have good information on managing aquatic plants. the aquatic form of glyphosate, sold as Rodeo can be used but you first need to secure a joint permit from PA Fish & Boat and DEP. Keep in mind that removing or treating one type of vegetation can allow another to take its place unless you manage underlying nutrient problems. Ponds less than 5 feet deep also tend to have lots of plant problems because sunlight can reach more of the bottom.
Hope this helps,