American elm infected with Dutch elm disease.

Asked June 13, 2017, 10:41 AM EDT

Three branches on a 35-40' elm have wilted leaves all the way to the trunk. I'll cut them at the trunk and remove them. There is also a 4" stripe of wet bark from the first major crotch at about 7' extending to the ground. Approximately how much should fungicide injection cost? The circumference of the trunk is 40" Would I be better off replacing it with a Chinese or Lacebark elm. Michael Dirr recommends the Allee Emer II. Thanks,

Frederick County Maryland

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We viewed your photos and the tree does not look good. At this point we recommend that you contact several certified arborists for an onsite diagnosis regarding the health of the tree and the best way to proceed.

If you replace the trees, selection would be a matter of preference. Chinese and lace bark elm are messy trees as they drop seeds and twigs. We have no hard data on cultivars resistant elms.

There are resistant varieties of elms but they are not immune to Dutch elm.
Do a search from the National Arboretum on resistant varieties and You may be able to find more information online. Also, you can go to the library and check out the latest edition of Dirr for his comments. The more resistant clones have hard disease resistance data such as Valley Forge, New Harmony, Princeton, Delaware #2. The American
Liberty or Liberty series are not as resistant as the above.