Asked June 12, 2017, 5:22 PM EDT

Do you have a good website or tool to use for designing landscape for a new home?

Barry County Michigan

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MSU Extension doesn't have any free software or interactive tools. There are some free or nearly free software apps that some retailers offer. Extension doesn't endorse retailers, so this will be a "try it and see" situation. Search the internet by entering

"landscaping software online", or "Free Landscape Design Software".

There is info online from many universities on how to plan landscapes. You can search for info from these schools by ending your search string with "". For example---

Home Landscape

This will bring up mostly university sites, with a limited amount of advertising sites.

While the design principles are the same nation-wide, choose areas located in the same growing zone you are(zone 5 for Barry county), so that the plant lists, and hardscape materials for walkways and patios are relevant for your climate.

For example these sites may be helpful---

Other tools/resources

You will find books at your library about principals of garden design. If your library is part of a larger network, it can order in books for you by borrowing from other libraries in the network. Searching the library network catalog should turn up many books under landscape design and garden design.

Look for garden walks, so popular this time of year, and tour other home gardens for ideas- bring along a camera and take pictures of things you like, make notes on plant names, etc.

Some local community colleges, universities, and occasionally MSU Extension offer classes in design. Watch local newspapers and publications like "Michigan Gardener" for notices of these, or call the school itself. MSU Extension Plant and Pest Hotline is 888-678-3464

I hope you will find these resources helpful. As you plan the specifics we would be glad to help you with plant questions, soil prep, etc. Good luck with your project!