English Ivy invasion

Asked June 12, 2017, 4:23 PM EDT

Hi! I purchased a house two years ago where the owner had planted English Ivy. I tried to keep it cut back, but I am losing the battle. Now it is trying to grow under the siding of my house. My research shows no weed killers will knock it out because it has waxy leaves that the weed killer cannot penetrate. Please help!!!!

Kenton County Kentucky

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English ivy is a tough plant, but there ARE ways to get rid of it. Here is the website for some Extension information with how-to instructions and photos. I would also add that before spraying it, if you choose to spray, purchase a 'Spreader-Sticker' at a nursery, and add this to the herbicide. A spreader-sticker compound helps the chemical penetrate waxy leaves.


Best of luck to you!