Asked June 12, 2017, 2:32 PM EDT

Hello - I'm currently a Washington County resident living in Cottage Grove, and right now we are under a watering ban. With that, there are different parts of my lawn that are pretty brown, hoping that it isn't actually dead, but more so dormant and will come back at some point, however I'm not holding out too much hope as I have a lot of green and then many areas of brown (shown in the attached picture). I am thinking that I'm going to be doing some seeding over the next couple of falls/springs and I wanted to get some tips and or instructions on how best to do that. My lawn is only around 3 years old. I've been keeping up with fertilizing, mowing and watering (outside of this ban) and so I think the lawn is pretty healthy, but I'm not completely sure. I just want to make sure that after this whole ban, I can get back to a healthy looking and full lawn, and I believe that overseeding is probably going to be my best start to getting it back to normal and I want to make sure that I complete it correctly so that I get the most benefits and return on the work that I put in. So any help, advice, tips/tricks and instructions would be awesome! Kevin

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Tip #1, don't cut your grass too short, especially in the hot summer days. It should be kept at 3" or so or even a bit longer if you are willing. The longer grass shades the root system so it doesn't dry out and also allows your plants to store more nutrients. Later this fall when it is time to overseed, the lawn then is kept short allowing sunlight in to germinate the seeds. Here is a link to our publication on renovating your lawn. http://www.extension.umn.edu/garden/turfgrass/repair/renovating-lawn/index.html

Thanks for that. I do typically try and keep the lawn between 3 and 4 inches during the late spring through mid fall typically. The lawn actually looked pretty good last year.

This year however without being able to water like I have in the past, it's struggling a little.

Follow up question for you with over seeding. I'm planning on doing that this fall and I'm curious to know if you have any recommendations on where to get the best seed for the area. I read through the link you sent and saw what types of grass should be used. Just curious if there is any recommendations on where to get the best seed/makeup of seed to use.

I am sorry but we do not make recommendations of that sort. Just check the date on the bag to make sure it is fresh.