Our Raspberry plants are just dying this year.

Asked June 12, 2017, 1:22 PM EDT

Is there a fungus or bug out there? They have been in same location for many years, so that probably contributes to the problem

Washington County Oregon raspberry

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Thanks for your question about raspberry. Yes, there are plenty of fungi and insects out there, and this year has been especially conducive for fungi to live and prosper. They like cool, wet environments. Just because your raspberries are in the same place doesn't necessarily mean that is the cause. Raspberry canes are happy to be left alone in the same beds for long periods of time.

However, in order to help diagnose what the problem is and, possibly, find a 'cure,' we need a photograph of the canes--sick and healthy--as well as a picture of the entire bed, if possible.

Looking forward to more information!

Kristena L. Yes you were correct, I'm in Washington County, but forgot to change the county box when I submitted the pictures. The containers that were in the foregound actually have strawberries in them. All of the Raspberry canes are planted in a bed. I'll try to drop off a sample of the leaves in the not too distant future. Thank you for your responses. Wes