I have, what appear to be bumblebees who have apossible underground nest in...

Asked June 12, 2017, 8:03 AM EDT

I have, what appear to be bumblebees who have apossible underground nest in the inside corner of my garage where a separation of concrete & block foundation is. If there is a non poisonous way to deter/remove please advise. I did spray some wasp/hornet spray in area but did not work and I really don't want to harm them, but can't have them this close. Any suggestions or referrals would be appreciated.

Franklin County Ohio

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Thank you for your question. Of course the first step is to determine whether these ground-nesting bees are bumblebees or other native ground nesting bees. Is there a possibility of taking a picture or collecting a bee sample for identification? If you can collect a sample you can take it to your local extension office:

Franklin County Office

530 West Spring Street, Suite 275

Columbus, Ohio 43215



Please do not take the risk of getting closer to take a picture or a sample if you are allergic to bee stings.

"Ground bees" are one of several types of solitary bees in the landscape. They are native beneficial pollinators within the ecosystem and usually do not pose a threat to people. The months of March and April are their primary nesting time.

The behavior and habitat preference of these bees leads us to the most promising ways to reduce their abundance by non-lethal means. These bees like areas of high morning sun-exposure and dry soil they can dig nests in. Therefore, irrigation over the 3-4 weeks bees are active will encourage them to find other nest sites and reduce their abundance the following year. Native bees are an important part of ecosystems and food production. I would discourage taking chemical measures to get rid of the bees; they are beneficial in the landscape. However, any of the pyrethroid insecticides and also SEVIN with the active ingredient, Carbaryl will be of use.

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