Cottage food law safety

Asked June 11, 2017, 7:29 PM EDT

I would like to do a cupcake that includes candied bacon. Is candied bacon considered safe under the cottage food law? Would I be able to do this and still be within the acceptable guidelines?

Grand Traverse County Michigan

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My apologies for the delayed response, I wanted to have the correct information to share with you.

No you can't incorporate bacon into Cottage Food products. In a commercial setting you would still have to keep it under 2 % of the net weight. The only way you could do this and not be registered under the USDA is to have a retail location (restaurant). The bacon is still considered a potentially hazardous food under the Cottage Food Law.

Okay thank you. I was reading through the cottage food law and saw that it could be possible if precooked shelf stable bacon bought from the grocery store was used. Is this correct?

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I have confirmed with one of our Innovation Counselors from the MSU Product Center, bacon (or any other type of meat) cannot be used because it is a potentially hazardous food. Our cottage food law states several times that it does not allow potentially hazardous foods (items that require time and temperature control to keep them food safe from pathogens) bacon would be considered a potentially hazardous food. If you see this written somewhere else, please share your source I would be interested in seeing this.
Regarding the shelf stable bacon, these products require refrigeration once they are open (again disqualifying it from CFL).
I am linking the CFL guidelines for your reference,4610,7-125-50772_45851-240577--,00.html
I also want to share with you a similar question that was covered on Ask An Expert related to bacon that might be helpful as well.

Again, if you would like to share your source that states it is ok to use bacon under the CFL we would like to read it.

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I just wanted to follow up with one additional comment, I wrote to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for further clarification. Their comment was no meat is allowed with Cottage Food Products.