Pruning a Spring Snow Crabapple Tree

Asked June 11, 2017, 1:41 PM EDT

We have a relatively new non-fruit bearing Spring Snow Crabapple tree. It's in its third summer from the nursery. It has a number of low limbs both primary and secondary. As this tree grows I would rather not have to mow under it, while on my knees. Would you give me some guidance re: when and how to correctly shape/prune this tree so as to raise the lower limbs. Five to six feet at the trunk would be nice.

Larimer County Colorado

1 Response

Thanks for contacting us about pruning your maturing crabapple tree. We have lots of good information and diagrams; read through these links:

Your proactive care of this tree will ensure a long, healthy future for your Spring Snow Crabapple!