Controlling weeds around raised bed

Asked June 10, 2017, 10:09 PM EDT

I've heard that straight vinegar is a good natural weed killer. 1. Is it safe to spray vinegar in the paths around my raised bed garden? (see pic) 2. Will the vinegar harm the veggies in the raised bed? 3. The Mugworth weeds are in an area where I plant greens later in the summer. Should I spray the mugworth with vinegar then cover the area with landscape fabric and wood chips? Any suggestions?

Montgomery County Maryland mugwort vegetable bed weed

1 Response

There are no selective organic products that will control weeds in a vegetable garden. Contact herbicides such as vinegar and potassium salts of fatty acids (soap sprays) burn down the tops but do not kill the roots of hard to control weeds. You can cut back the mugwort and smother with a heavy duty weed barrier. No mulch is recommended on top of the barrier.

See our website for ways to manage your weeds using organic and synthetic mulches, hoeing, mowing, and hand pulling .