Asked June 10, 2017, 7:43 PM EDT

I transplanted asparagus from a community garden soil to a raised bed in my back yard. I was in its fourth year. It continued to produce that year but didn't come back this spring. Could it still be alive? Not sure if I should just keep watering it or try and transplant it to ground instead of raised bed or just start over..

Ramsey County Minnesota

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The ferns of the transplanted asparagus plant should be visible by now if it is still alive. I would plant new crowns. Early spring and fall are ideal times to transplant asparagus. When an asparagus bed is well established, it is often recommended to start with new crowns rather than trying to dig up the established roots of the old ones. Here is some additional info on general asparagus care. Asparagus tolerates a wide range of soils as long as they are well drained. It prefers soil high in organic matter, and full sun (eight hours/day minimum). Asparagus is a heavy feeder. Fertilize in spring as growth starts and again in mid-summer after the harvest period. Asparagus competes poorly with weeds and other crops for water, nutrients, and space. Organic mulch is recommended. Mulch also provides winter cold protection for the roots. Harvesting – The asparagus bed can be weakened or destroyed by over harvesting. The harvest period for an established bed is only four to six weeks (May into mid-June). Harvest only larger spears. Stop harvesting if spears decrease to pencil size or smaller. Leave the ferns (foliage) to grow until fall or let stand through the winter, finally cutting before new growth begins in spring.