Ash Borer

Asked June 10, 2017, 1:08 PM EDT

I have 4 Ash tres in my yard. One has bee attack by the Ash Borer. What can I do to prefect the other 3?

Houghton County Michigan

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If the trees are less than 12 inches in diameter at the trunk, 4 feet up from the ground, you can treat them each year with a soil drench. Some studies show that homeowner applied soil drenches are effective on trees as large as 15 inches in diameter. The details on this are here---

Trees with a diameter trunk larger than 12-15 inches should be treated by a certified tree professional. They have access to chemicals that are more effective, and some will last 2 years before re-treatment is necessary. Trees less than 12 inches diameter can be treated this way, too, if you want.

You can read a complete discussion of what you can do in this article. There is a chart of chemicals on pdf page 11 (printed page 9).

To find a certified arborist search by your zip code here---

Compare the homeowner drench product (note that you will have to read the label and calculate how much product to buy for 3 trees of your size), with the cost of having a professional treatment. The professional treatment may be less expensive.

Treatment will be necessary every 1-2 years for the life of the tree, unless some new treatment is discovered by scientists. Research is still going on. "EAB" updates can be found here---

If you decide to plant replacement trees at some point, there are many options. We can help you if you decide to select different trees to replace the ash. Thank you for using our service.