My Forsythia are not looking good.

Asked June 9, 2017, 8:23 PM EDT

I have five Forsythia bushes that I planted in the Fall. They came out in leaf nicely then one started to have a couple of branches with the leaves wilting and turning a bronzy color. Now the ones next to it are turning the bronze color. I sprayed them today with Dr. Earth disease control fungicide concentrate.

What do you think is going on?

Washington County Pennsylvania

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Here is a description of a nematode infestation in the roots of a forsythia.
"A forsythia whose roots are infested with nematodes looks sickly, wilted or stunted. Its foliage is yellowed or bronzed. It will decline slowly and die. Upon inspection the root system appears poorly developed, and even partially decayed. Roots may have knots or galls on them. Evidence of nematode activity may be most apparent in hot weather, when the shrub foliage continues to droop after the heat of the day has passed"
I recommend you examine the roots to see if they look healthy. If not, take a sample to your local Penn State Extension for analysis a suggested remedy.