Hackberry Tree Dropped leaves

Asked June 9, 2017, 2:28 PM EDT

Good Afternoon, I noticed today that my 2 hackberry trees began to drop leaves, only on the south side of each tree, they are 11 years old. I have not watered them this year. I did give them a good soaking this am for 3.5 hours. I used a large sprinkler that reached over the tops of them. I am assuming that it is from the lack of rain and hot temps, as I see no disease or any other issues. It just looked droopy. I am located in Maynard, MN. Which is west of MPLS 2 hours. I appreciate any feedback you may have. Thank you and stay cool this weekend!! ~Tesa
Update. the watering and the nice 1.5 inch of rain over the weekend seemed to stop the leaves dropping. Any other feedback is always welcome. thank you !

Chippewa County Minnesota

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Hackberry trees will lose leaves when there is a dry spell. This is a sign of stress. I'm glad that it has stopped dropping leaves with the moisture that it has received recently.

If trees frequently experience stress such as drought or other types of damage, they may go into decline. Think about whether your tree has had other periods of stress in its eleven years. Hopefully, this recent dry spell is all that has happened. Your tree should recover nicely. If there is more than a month without rain, then you might want to give it a good soaking. For an eleven year old tree, there is no need to water more often unless there is an extended dry spell. The rains we're having this week should be good even if there is no rain for another three weeks.

I like to keep track of rain totals on a calendar so that I water appropriately (not when I think there hasn't been enough rain). If it averages out to an inch a week, then I don't worry about watering my well established trees.

If I have a new or young tree (less than 4 years old), then I make sure it gets an inch a week. The UofM Extension has a guide for watering new trees that I find especially helpful but there is new information that indicates how much water is needed in the second and succeeding years based on the size of the tree. Also, keep in mind that watering shouldn't be applied just to the base of the tree but out beyond the drip line.

I hope this helps.

thank you so much!! I really appreciate it!! I will check the link provided!