Issue with Purple Pavement Rose Shrubs

Asked June 9, 2017, 1:38 PM EDT

I recently purchased Purple Pavement Roses and they looked good when I bought them. I planted them two weeks ago and about a week after planting them I started noticing some of the leaves turning brown (and some yellow). I have been watering them daily since planting them so I am wondering if I am watering them to much or to little or if something else is going on. I have noticed that the new growth looks OK and there is a good amount of new growth and buds. They are even starting to bloom. Two of the plants seem to be doing better than one of them but the one seems to be getting worse. I have attacehed photos.

Washington County Minnesota

1 Response

The skelentonization of the rose leaves (i.e. feeds on one layer of leaf tissue between the veins) may be caused a tiny insect on the underside of the leaves called a Rose Slug Sawfly. The larvae are yellow green caterpillar-like insects with an orange heads. The larvae grow up to ¾ inches in length. Rose slug sawfly adults are fly-like insects with two pairs of wings. The following sites will allow you determine if these tiny wormlike insects are skeletonizing your rose leaves. If an infestation is small, larvae can be removed by hand. If the infestation is large, insecticidal soaps or an insecticide that contains permethrin, acephate, carbaryl, cyfluthrin, bifentrhin, or malathion can be used. You can determine the soil moisture level by poking your finger into the soil before you water. The hot weather this early in spring will stress newly transplanted plants.