Covered California vs. MediCal

Asked June 9, 2017, 12:36 AM EDT

Hello there, I currently have health insurance through Covered California with subsidies; it's a pretty good PPO plan with Blue Shield. Now I got a letter, stating that I might qualify for MediCal and I'm wondering what the differences are. Is this more restricted than what I currently have? (like an HMO) For instance, when I signed up for CoveredCa I was told to get a PPO plan, otherwise it would become a headache, as a lot of doctors reject Obama Care. I'm aware that MediCal is free but at the same token, I want to make sure that I somewhat get the same kind of coverage. I read that there are different MediCal plans (?) Don't really understand the system. If I could get some pointers, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Los Angeles County California

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In California, as in other states that have fully implemented the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), you are eligible for publicly subsidized coverage of private insurance through the insurance marketplace (Covered California) if your family income is between about 140% and 300% of the poverty line (which is defined by family size and combined family income). If your income falls below a certain level, then you are eligible for MediCal (California's Medicaid program). A few people have incomes above the MediCal level and still qualify because of health care costs. The best way to find out is to reach out to a Covered California enrollment specialist....This website will help you find a counselor: They can also help you identify the private or MediCal plan that is best suited to your needs and where you live. There are lots of options and you should share a bit about your health care needs with the counselor.