Safety of neem oil

Asked June 7, 2017, 9:49 PM EDT

I am getting ready to use neem oil to rid my lawn of crane fly larve and have concerns for my dog. I have read up on it on the lable and on the internet sites but none of them say precisely that it is safe for pets. Also, do you have any suggestions on how to use it, how long of a time period should I keep my dog off the lawn, if any etc. Thank you Cheryl Britton

Douglas County Oregon

2 Responses

As you say the labels for Neem products don't specifically talk about pets and a time frame for keeping them off. The label does say to mow the grass and remove the clippings. Water the lawn, then treat with the product. They also state that it is ok to water again after two days. This indicates that the product is actively working without interference for two days. This is the period to keep the dog off the turf. I would water again after two days and when it dries then allow the dog back on the turf.

Thank you so much for your concise answer. You should be writing the labels on those products! Have a great day