tree is already dead, the stump is ground up, borer worms underneath

Asked June 7, 2017, 6:45 PM EDT

The tree is already dead, It was a red maple . The stump is ground up with borer worms underneath deep. Is there a chemical I can use the spray over the mulch area left?

Essex County New Jersey

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The borer larvae are probably those of bark beetles. These insects are attracted to stressed and dying trees. The larvae turn in to mature adult beetles and fly or move on to other trees. The borer larvae will not survive in the soil, but may survive in wood chip debris for a short while, but not over the winter. Do not use wood mulch over the area where the tree was. Rather, a better choice is soil and grass seed for that area. You will not need to apply an insecticide to the area. Keep an eye on other trees in the area for signs of borer or woodpecker activity.

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