plant diseases showing up in leaves

Asked June 7, 2017, 3:45 PM EDT

Can the soil be a source of leaf diseases on plants near foundation of house? I have planted a new shrub where a virburnum was and was diseased every year. Now I have a hydrangea there and the same leaf disease is on it and the clematis that is 5 feet away. Both are near the foundation of the house. Shall I remove all the soil and how deep if so. Do you recommend testing of the soil and if so where do I bring it? I live in St Anthony Park near the University. Thank you

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Diseases can remain in the soil. You could have your soil tested as well as the plant if you would like. That way you would know what the problem was. The cupping on the leaves makes me wonder if anyone sprayed any herbicide or applied something that could have drifted and affected the clematis. Here are the links to testing. .