Tulip Poplar tree

Asked June 7, 2017, 10:31 AM EDT

My tulip poplar tree is budding with flowers, but was previously sprayed for caterpillars. . . .now all the leaves are turned downward. Is there something I can do for this tree? We've had plenty of rain, and I
have fertilized the ground around it.

Providence County Rhode Island

1 Response

Could the leaves just be turned downward because they expanded and got rained upon? Without a picture it is not clear if they are wilting or just flopping over. You also did not mention what insecticide was used for the gypsy moths. If it was Dipel (Btk - the biological) there would be no adverse affect on your tree. Some chemical insecticides may have some adverse affects on certain plants if applied when the temperatures are over 85 degrees F but this has also not been the case lately. It might be helpful if you could send a picture to ladybug@uconn.edu with a description of your problem and when you first noticed symptoms and one of the horticulturists could see what is going on from your picture or ask for more information.