Brown spots on oakleaf hydrangea

Asked June 7, 2017, 8:02 AM EDT

I planted this oakleaf hydrangea last May in partial shade. It has no buds or flowers on it yet ... is that typical? Also, I noticed this morning that some of the leaves have brown spots (see attached). Should I do something about this? or just let it be? I'm looking forward to it getting to be big and flowery but so far, neither have happened (tho I realize it's only been 12 months). Thank you.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Your oakleaf hydrangea is still very young. It needs to grow larger and get its roots established before it will flower fully.

This looks like a minor leafspot disease, probably bacterial. Cercospora is another one that shows up. Both are not serious and are related to the cool wet weather. As the season progresses, it will stop. You do not need to do anything.