What are the types of droppings?

Asked June 7, 2017, 7:39 AM EDT

I have what appear to be two different types of rodent droppings in my house. The pest control company seemed to think the larger might be rat droppings. I also see what I think are mouse droppings and have caught 3 mice so far. Reading articles online, it does not sound like mice and rats can coexist. Any other thoughts on what it might be?

Montgomery County Pennsylvania

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Hello, it appears you have mice which can have droppings that be about 1/8 inch long, rats can have 1/4 inch dropping depending on size, species and food types.
Mice and rats can share living space but typically not food space. This image is a little hard to tell what you have going on. However, please contact Dion Lerman at Penn State Extension, I'm hoping he can give you some better direction than what your pest control company is giving.

Mice are easy to catch if you do it right. You don't have to use glue boards, there are some multiple and single catch devices that would control your population quickly. Also try to look for places where they are getting in, if you don't seal those up, they will never end. Once they know how to get into your home, they leave pheromones around so others can find food and shelter.

Mice need 1/4 of inch opening and rats 1/2 inch opening, and since they gnaw they can open smaller openings to make them larger.

Good luck, Janet

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Thank you very much. I will reach out to Dion. Thanks Again.