Lemon Tree was dying

Asked June 7, 2017, 3:51 AM EDT

My Lemon tree is dying after i sprayed a salted water all over their body and leaves. Parasites/pest attacked my lemon tree. After i sprayed the lemon tree, the parasites/pest was died and gone from the stem. But i noticed after a day, the leaves are starting to get dry and become yellow. Now they are falling one by one. I think the tree was dying. Please help me.. i dont want my lemon tree dies. Thank you.

I already tried to wash the tree by a clean water to remove the salt in the tree. But it seems that they are still dying.

New York

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The salt is definitely what has harmed your lemon trees. There are very few plants that can endure unusual levels of salt in their soil, which is a common problem in urban areas and along roadways in winters. The salt interrupts the necessary metabolic processes of the tree which is why your plants are dropping leaves.

It is possible that your trees are beyond saving but it is worth a try! Remove them from their pots, gently brush all soil from the roots and give the roots a gentle rinse of room temperature water. Replace both pots and soil. It is possible you could reuse the pots but only if you can sterile clean them and if they are made of a non-porous material (not terra cotta) that will not have absorbed any salt.