Best-Use Soil Database

Asked June 6, 2017, 6:30 PM EDT

Hello, OSU! I am new to farming, meaning I haven't started yet, and am in the planning stages. I am familiar with the various soils for Hazelnut production (you guys have a great publication on the topic) but what I'm looking for is a database list of soils that give the "best uses" given the soil, that says something along the lines of you have this soil, then these crops can do well in those soils. Perhaps not only a listing of the potential uses along with a 1-10 rating. For example: Woodburn Silt Loam | 2-12% slope | Hazelnuts (10) | Winter Wheat (10) | Doug Fir (9) | Pasture, beef (8) And so on. I imagine someone has already done this but I can't seem to locate it via the traditional online searches. Is there such a database?

Marion County Oregon

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Unfortunately such database does not exist. You should look at the web soil survey to get started with the type of soil you may have at your property. It is also better to determine your particular soil characteristics by testing and then looking at crops that may be suitable for those particular conditions. There are many crop guides available at the OSU extension publications site.

Hope this helps.