Beetle ID

Asked June 5, 2017, 5:21 PM EDT

I have a lot of these beetles. What do they eat and if their bad, what do I do to control them?

Marion County Oregon insect issues

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Hi and thanks for your question on Ask an Expert. It looks like it is a type of leaf beetle (family Chrysomelidae). Have you seen this beetle feeding on a particular plant? Or any other behaviors you notice? Without a specimen, it is easier to get a better identification knowing its behaviors.

The only habits I've noticed is that they like to walk the whole length of my garden hose and they like to come into the house. I haven't been able to tell what plant they eat and have not seen any fly. My neighbor has also been bombarded by them.

Thanks for your response. Like said before, it is hard to classify the insect further than to family without an actual sample and specific feeding behaviors. Continue to observe its behaviors. If you find it is feeding on a particular plant and causing damage, then bring it in to your local Master Gardener plant clinic for further investigation. You can find them at 1320 Capitol St. NE, Salem, Monday-Friday from 10am-2pm. Or check out their website: Most insects are benign, but since this is in the family of leaf beetles, there is a possibility it is a pest. Keep an eye on it and if it starts to cause plant damage, take it to your plant clinic.


I had a colleague respond that the insects are possibly Klamathweed beetles but will need samples for confirmation.