planting trees

Asked June 5, 2017, 12:48 PM EDT

I have an 8' redbud tree and 8' japanese lilac in 12-14"pots waiting to be planted. We will be re-doing our driveway this summer, and would rather wait to plant them till after that because the location would be close to the driveway. Can we keep them in their containers for the next 1 - 3 months? If we do, should we bury the containers in the ground, or cover them with cloth, etc? We have one larger container we could transfer one of them to. What would be the best way to keep them in the pots, or do we need to just go ahead and plant them, then possibly dig them up and re-plant after the driveway is done?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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The plants should survive in their containers if they are kept watered. If they were in the nursery they would be in pots. They should dry out to about 2 inches between waterings. If it is very hot the trees may need to be sprayed with water as well as watered. Keep them in the shade and out of the direct sun.