Parasites in fish

Asked June 4, 2017, 11:42 PM EDT

We were given some fish. It was freshwater fish and After eating it while cleaning up I noticed parasites. Worms. If I send them to the Lab, Will they tell us if we should worry?

Clatsop County Oregon

3 Responses

While realizing you just ate parasites is an unsettling experience, the most important thing is that the fish was thoroughly cooked. If it reached internal temperatures of 145 Degrees then you have a very low risk, other than being grossed out. If the fish was undercooked or eaten raw than you do have an exposure risk and should seek medical attention. While a lab can likely ID the parasite for you, the biggest issue is not the type of parasite it is, but rather if it was killed during the cooking process (via 145 degrees or more), which a lab would not be able to tell you. If you are unsure if it was thoroughly cooked, then seeking medical advice is advised.

Thank you very much.