Strawberry plants dying

Asked June 4, 2017, 8:39 PM EDT

Do my strawberry plants have verticulum wiilt? Plants are in their second season, and started off growing and flowering but began to wither and flowers dried up or fell off without fruiting (also could have been eaten by a groundhog). Plants are in partial shade, which might be making the problem worse, in a bed raised 3' off the ground. Soil is loose; never been walked on after filling bed. Have never used fertilizer or pesticides.

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Strawberries prefer full sun, so the part-shaded location might be a factor in the decline of your plants. Verticillium wilt could be a possibility. Late frost in the spring can be a cause of dieback in strawberries too. They can also suffer if the crowns are planted too deeply and the roots didn't get established well in their first year.

If these plants produce healthy daughter plants (runners), we recommend that you move them to a full sun location, if possible. Or you could start over with a new, disease resistant variety. It looks like you might have some Indian mock strawberry (a weed) in there too; be careful not to move those if you transplant the edible strawberries ( A raised bed should be ideal for your strawberries, so long as it's well draining. Amend the soil with compost and keep the plants well watered while the are getting established.

Here are links to our pages on strawberry care (and recommended varieties).


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