Chicken of the Woods fungus

Asked June 3, 2017, 10:22 AM EDT

I live in Potomac Park, on Rte 220, near the FCI. We found 2 large chicken of the woods fungi at the base of one of our old oak trees in our woods. I've checked and rechecked what I've found (its size, color, etc.), and I have no doubt what it is. I've researched this mushroom and found that there are other types, and all are edible. I did not find any information on poisonous "look-a-likes". Can you please add any information I would need before harvesting some of this mushroom to eat? I've also looked online for methods of cooking, and they are duly noted. The only negative I can find is that some people are more sensitive to these, and can cause some lip swelling. I have been eating several different kinds of mushrooms my whole life, and don't have a problem. Thanks for your assistance - never can be too sure when it comes to mushrooms!

Allegany County Maryland

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This is beyond what we do here.
You are correct. "You can never be too sure with mushrooms".
For this reason, we don't comment on the edibility of mushrooms.
The mimics are just too good, and mistakes can be deadly.


Thank you!
I have since tried this mushroom/fungus (after extensive research and viewing of samples), and have found it quite tasty - and yes, I'm completely fine.

It's especially good with onions and garlic, some butter, and some extra virgin olive oil. Yum!

And it's free!!