Left leeks in ground over winter

Asked June 2, 2017, 6:26 PM EDT

I left some of my leeks in the ground overwinter. Some are forming seed heads. 1) Should I pinch them? My leeks did not get as big as in the grocer store. I use them mostly for broth so I would feel OK harvesting them and freezing them. 2) But should I just leave them in the ground and harvest as needed this season? Also,, some of the leeks formed what looks like clumps of grass. 3) Can I separate them and plant them the same as leek seedlings?

Indiana County Pennsylvania

3 Responses

You need to pinch off the seed heads and then harvest the leeks.They don't stay nice after they go to seed. I think you can plant the seedlings. It's an experiment and if it works out, you'll know for the future.

Thank you.